Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rumors about next version?


I was passing by town, and heard Sairo say its coming out probably in 2 months.

2 MONTHS! some people are probably like wtf y so long, Well when it comes out its gonna be freaking awesome, i heard theres chances of class'es and magic this coming version.

We'll find out.

Also for people who try to get away with auto training, you guys should read this,

Most people are unfamiliar with this, and it may catch some players off guard, so I am just letting people know about it.If you are suspected of auto-training, captcha will be enabled. This is just a little test to see if a person is actually there. Captcha is not automatically enabled, so don't worry about going AFK and getting banned.When this appears in the corner of your screen, just type the letters shown within 90 seconds for it to disappear. That's all you need to do. It's really simple, but complex enough so that it would be hard for a macro/script to do. If you fail to do this within 90 seconds you will receive a ban. - Megamoogle, forums